A boi fu mi mus go sreka! (2023)

Installation View – ‘A boi fu mi mus go sreka!’ (2023) – Artwell residencies Amsterdam
The Afro-Surinamese religion Winti is central to Linger’s art and in all his artworks elements and symbolism of Winti can be found. Winti originated during the period of the transatlantic slavery on plantations in Suriname, a former colony of The Netherlands. During the Dutch rule in Suriname, Winti was labelled as idolatry, by the church and Dutch state and banned (until 1971 it was prohibited by law to practise Winti), so it was practiced in secret.
The installation ‘A boi fu mi mus go sreka!’, (Surinamese Sranantongo for: ‘My boy must undergo an initiation ritual!’) is a sight that resembles a place where a person should undergo, or has undergone, a certain sreka for their personal winti deity. All things in the installation have a symbolic meaning in the Winti culture.