About Jaasir Linger

 (ⓒJason Lijnzaat /Creative Commons: CC BY-SA 4.0)



Jaasir Linger (b. Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, 1991) is a research-based interdisciplinary artist/photographer/filmmaker with Surinamese roots, based in Rotterdam.
Through a process of personal exploration and an investigative attitude towards his Surinamese roots, the Afro-Surinamese religion Winti and the shared Dutch-Surinamese / Surinamese-Dutch history, he comes up with ideas that he translates into art-installation works.

During Linger’s time at academy he won the ‘Gouden Freelancer Award 2016/2017’, a biennial prize for the best Dutch journalistic production made by freelancers, with the documentary project ‘VPRO – Gliphoeve – Een Vergeten Strijd’.
After Linger graduated at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam (may 2019) with the art-installation  ‘Hier praten we liever niet over!’ (Dutch for: ‘We’d rather not talk about this!’), his works have been showcased in art institutions such as ‘Museum Het Rembrandthuis’, ‘Amsterdam Museum’, museum ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut’, ‘CBK Zuidoost’, ‘The Black Archives’, ‘SKD Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut’, Bijbels Museum and ‘Documenta 15’.
Linger is currently enrolled in the MA programme ‘Blacker Blackness’ at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam and engaged in ongoing research and  art projects concerning Surinamese cultural heritage, decolonisation and blackness.




Born June 14th 1991, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

2021 – current    Master of Arts – Blacker Blackness – Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam 
2015 – 2019       Fotoacademie Amsterdam (Specialization: ‘Autonomous Practises’, lens-based)
2017                   Nikon-NOOR Academy masterclass week Amsterdam
2009 – 2013       Media & Entertainment Management, Hogeschool INHolland Den-Haag (Specialization: Film-art & Film-history)

Group Exhibitions:

2023 – [CURRENTLY] Exodus – Bijbels Museum at Buitenplaats Doornburgh (Installation: ‘Mama Aisa tyari a boskopu kon) 
2023 – Master of Arts Graduation show Sandberg Institute – Artwell residencies Amsterdam (Installation: ‘A boi fu mi mus sreka!)
2023 – Nane Limon Kabuğu – MAMA Rotterdam (Installation: ‘Winti na rutu’)
2022 – Documenta 15, Kassel  The Black Archives (Installation: ‘Memre – Oly Carmel’)
2022 – Facing blackness – The Black Archives, Amsterdam (Installation: ‘Grandma Dolly Gi Tori’)
2022 –  300 Jahre Herrnhut – Gemeinsame Jubiläumsausstellung (Installation: ‘Artist Intervention’ SKD Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut)
2021 – Art Rotterdam x Gallery 3 By You – Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (Installation: ‘Hier praten we liever niet over”!)  
2021 – Rooted/Uprooted – CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam (Installation: ‘Gi Tori’)
20/21 – Refresh Amsterdam – Amsterdam Museum (Installation: ‘Winti na rutu’)
2020 – ‘This is Artfair 2020 ‘ (selected, but canceled due to the pandemic )
2020 – ‘Hier. Zwart in Rembrandts tijd´ – Museum het Rembrandthuis (Part of the “contemporary artists” of the exhibition)
2019 – Flea Market – Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam – (Installatie: ‘Glenn’ – Yung Nnelg)
2019 – GUP New Photo talent 2020 – Machinegebouw Westergas, Amsterdam
2019 – ‘Expo Core’ – Loods 6 Amsterdam – (Installation: ‘Hier praten we liever niet over’)
2019 – ‘Expo Fos’ – Graduation exhibition Fotoacademie – Loods 6 Amsterdam (Installation: “Hier praten we liever niet over!”)
2018 – ‘Wanderlust’ – ‘Galerie Sehnsucht’, guest curator Eli Dijkers
2018 – ‘Wunderkammer’ – ‘Galerie Sehnsucht’, guest curator Rommert Boonstra
2017 – ‘Dromen aan het IJ’ – ‘Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam’
2016 – ‘Fotogramprijs 2016’
2014 – ‘De Straat op’ – Stadsarchief Amsterdam, during ‘De Nederlandse Fotoweek’
2012 – ‘Analog life’, in collaboration with Lomography  (Senior curator, project manager and part of the group exhibition)

2020 – Zwart in Rembrandts tijd (book) – Museum het Rembrandthuis
2020 – Hier. Zwart in Rembrandts tijd (printed zine) – Museum het Rembrandthuis  (photography for the zine) 
2019 – “Adformatie magazine (printed magazine) – ‘Hier praten we liever niet over!”
2017 – VPRO Gids #36 (Printed Magazine) – article: ‘Seks, Drugs en Kaseko’ (a 4 page article about VPRO – Gliphoeve- Een Vergeten Strijd)
2016 – SHUTR.Photo (Printed Magazine) – issue #2 – article: ‘De Nieuwe Garde – Aanstormend Talent’
2015 – Findrangers (zine) – issue #8 ‘Grit and Grain’
2014 – Findrangers (zine) – issue #5 ‘Far From Home’

Awards, Nominations & Mentions:
2017 – Winner ‘Gouden Freelancer Award’ 2016/2017 (VPRO, Gliphoeve – Een Vergeten Strijd)
2016 – Nominee ‘Fotogramprijs  (Time Is Master Of Art)
2015 – “Top rated entries” (mention) – Lensculture Street Photography Awards  (Águas Locais)

Artist Talks, interviews & Panels:
2 juli 2022 – interview AD Krant  
14 december 2020 – interview Podcast ‘Kunst is lang’ – Mister Motley magazine
9 december 2020 – short interview on radio NPO FunX
5 oktober 2019 – lid panel (over Afro-religies in de kunsten), CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam, tentoonstelling ‘Mental’
19 september 2019 – artist talk, Museum Hilversum (onderdeel “Podium MH”)
Artist residencies:
2021- current  The Black Archives, Amsterdam (work will be shown in the group exhibition Facing Blackness)
2021 -current  Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut, Germany (work will be shown in a new exhibition in 2022/2023) 
Imara Limon – Curator Amsterdam Museum
Annemarie De Wildt – Curator Amsterdam Museum
Renske De Jong – Curator CBK Zuidoost
Stephanie Archangel – Junior Curator History at Rijksmuseum
Priscilla Tosari – Gallerist ‘Galerie 23 Afrikaanse Kunst’