‘Grontapu na asitere’ (2024, Beelden in Leiden)

Sculpture Overview – ‘Grontapu na asitere’ (2024, Beelden in Leiden)
This work is inspired by Dr. Sophie Redmond (1907 – 1955). Redmond graduated in 1935 as the first black female doctor in the Dutch Kingdom, in late colonial Suriname. She was known as the cycling doctor who often wore a traditional Surinamese koto. In her own general practice she often treated poor patients for free. She also had a programme where she gave advice on physical ailments, family and marital problems, financial concerns and household issues. She did this in Sranantongo, which was seen as an inferior language at the time. Redmond also made theater plays, in which she sometimes acted, in which she focused on Afro-Surinamese people. In these works she highlighted and criticized colonial Suriname at a time when many did not dare to do so due to the still existing Dutch government.
Redmond believed that Afro-Surinamese people should be proud of their Afro-Surinamese culture and this vision forms the basis of Linger’s artwork. The objects of the sculpture are inspired by her life. The rooster represents the Surinamese odo (saying) “Mi na kakafowru, krown de na mi ede”. It’s about maintaining pride despite what others do to you.