‘Mama Aisa tyari a boskopu kon!’ (2023, Bijbels Museum)

Installation View – ‘Mama Aisa tyari a boskopu kon’ – Bijbels Museum (Buitenplaats Doornburgh)
With the installation ‘Mama Aisa tyari a boskopu kon’ (2023), Jaasir Linger depicts the carriage of the Winti mother goddess Aisa, who originates from the Afro-Surinamese Winti religion, and in which she rode during the exodus from slavery. Winti originated during the period of the transatlantic slavery on plantations in Suriname. During the Dutch rule in Suriname, Winti was labelled as idolatry and blasphemy by the church and Dutch state and banned (untill 1971 it was illegal by law to practise Winti), so that it was practiced in secret.All parts of the installation have a symbolic meaning, from the ‘pemba doti’ (white kaolin clay) to the ‘kopro beki’ (copper bowl).
Click below to listen to the Podcast from the Bijbels Museum about the artwork  (featuring Winti okomfo Marian Markelo & Jaasir Linger)