‘Mu-Leba’ (2022, VPRO – Moonriders S2E1)

Installation View – “Mu-Leba!” – Museum de Pont, Tilburg
A multi-media installation created by Mia Keen de Groote & Jaasir Linger for the Dutch television programme ‘Moonriders’ (Season 2; Episode 1), produced by VPRO jeugd.
The installation, which was specifically made to be shown in the toilet of Museum de Pont for ‘Moonriders’, consists of elements of both Mia’s Korean/British roots & Linger’s Surinamese roots. The Mu-Leba is a “fusion deity” made up of elements that are used in the Korean traditional religion Mu-ism as well as the Afro-Surinamese traditional religion Winti (more specific the winti-deity Leba).

(Video above: Installation view wide, ‘Mu-Leba’)

(Video above: Close-ups, ‘Mu-Leba’)

(Video above: Back-projection videoloop, ‘Mu-Leba’)

(Video above: Trailer Moonriders, ‘Mu-Leba’)